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Our team are experts in assessing the feasibility, designing and creation of integrated constructed wetlands for a range of wastewater treatment.

Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICW) provide a joined up approach towards water and land management, providing multiple benefits for both people and wildlife.

ICW's have been demonstrated to effectively remove a wide variety of chemicals, microplastics and pharmaceuticals through natural processes. In contrast to hard enginering solutions, these sites also provide many other benefits, including carbon capture, a perfect habitat for wildlife and an area for local communities to connect with nature.

Rivers Ecology are experts in assessing the feasibility of these wetlands to meet specific targets, alongside designing, delivering and providing long-term maintenance for Integrated Constructed Wetlands. We have a strong track record of successfully delivering such projects around the UK for a wide range of clients, including water companies, housing developers and private companies. See our Ingol Integrated Constructed Wetland page for further information.

Supported by a rapidly growing base of scientific evidence ICW's have gained wider support in recent years.

Through careful design, Rivers Ecology can create ICWs to meet specific targets while also maximising the benefits of an ICW. Some of the many benefits we can deliver throughintegrated constructed wetlands are outlined below:

  • Effective removal of a range of nutrients, microplastics and pharmacuticals

  • Cost effective installation costs

  • Low ongoing maintenance costs

  • A design which fits into the landscape

  • Proven wider benefit for wildlife, including birds and dragonflies

  • Potential for inclusion of recreational use for local communities

  • Carbon capture


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