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We completed biodiversity uplift surveys for 6km of the river Stiffkey and 60ha of surrounding land.

Rivers Ecology were commissioned by Anglian Water to complete biodiversity uplift surveys on a series of sites along the River Stiffkey and its floodplains, totalling approximately 6km of the river and 60ha of land.


A baseline ecological survey was conducted for each site to identify the habitat types present, their botanical diversity, and their current condition. A condition assessment was also conducted for the stretch of river at each site following the MoRPh survey methodology.  


The results of these surveys were inputted into the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) calculator to quantify the baseline ‘biodiversity unit’ value of the terrestrial and riverine habitats at each site.

Using this baseline evaluation, Rivers Ecology made bespoke recommendations for habitat and river restoration including river remeandering, wetland habitat creation, and changes in grassland and woodland management. Proposed restoration schemes were modelled using the BNG calculator to quantify how many additional biodiversity units would be delivered by the proposed habitat enhancements. The BNG calculator provides a quantifiable value of how habitat restoration and enhancement would benefit biodiversity.


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