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We love ponds! Our team has extensive practical and research experience of restoring and managing farmland and residential ponds.

Ponds are one of the most important freshwater habitats, yet they are largely undervalued. Ponds support two thirds of all freshwater species and at a regional level contribute greatly to biodiversity, providing a home for more species than other waterbody types such as rivers.

Rivers Ecology carry out pond restoration and creation throughout the UK. Click here to read more about our views on the importance of ponds.

Rivers Ecology are highly experienced in all steps of pond creation and restoration, from design to delivery. Our team have experience working on a number of pond schemes ranging from single ponds to large networks of ponds, created for Natural England.

We are experienced in managing and implementing all stages of restoration projects. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Consultancy on pond health

  • Project Management

  • Ecological surveys

  • Applying for permits and permissions

  • CDM

  • Construction

  • Site supervision

  • Management

  • Monitoring

Get in contact to discuss your pond restoration project.


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